What are bookmarked Posts?

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ookmarking Posts is a feature for you to save links to Posts on the site. If it is a Post you want to download later, or if you want to keep track of rating and comments on it, then you can bookmark it.

You can bookmark a Post by going to the Post page and clicking "STAR" icon. (You can see "Star" icon before every title of SA Posts. - Note: Post must be opened).


Bookmarked Posts can be accessed through the user navigation bar - Bookmarks.

To remove Post from Bookmarks:
1. Open Bookmarks from user navigation bar.
2. Open post which you want to remove.
3. 1 click on "STAR" icon.
4. Done! Post has been removed from your Bookmarks.

Bookmarks Count Numbers

Number shows the quantity of people who added this article to bookmarks