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    • Cleaner for WhatsApp v2.9.2

      Requirements: Android 4.1+ | Size: 5.96 MB

      • Numerology Rediscover Yourself v3.2.3

        Requirements: Android 5.0+ | Size: 42.9 MB

        • CompTIA Network+ Practice Test v3.5.0

          Requirements: Android 4.4+ | Size: 51.9 MB

          • Tessa Icon Pack v3.0.0.8

            Requirements: Android 5.0+ | Size: 40.2 MB

            • AirReceiverLite v4.9.7

              Requirements: Android 4.1+ | Size: 22.6 MB

              • Nebo: Notes & PDF Annotations v4.0.6

                Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 161,92 MB

                Meet Nebo, the award-winning digital notebook! Create beautiful notes, handwrite professional reports, sketch ideas on an infinite canvas and annotate existing documents. With its world-beating AI, Nebo understands every word you write.

                • Instant Voice Translator App v2.5

                  Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 32,69 MB

                  Need a Fast & Quick Voice Translation for your desired language? Instant Translator 2022 helps translate all languages in most efficient way. Now you are at right place to get instant translation by voice and text input. Write the text you want to translate or press the MIC button and speak what you want to translate. Select the language you want to translate to, press translate and your translation is shown instantly.

                  • Calculator - Floating Widget v2.3.3

                    Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 12,44 MB

                    A simple, stylish calculator. Supports percent calculation, constant calculation, repeat and exponential, and interest calculation. Features memory functionality and the ability to display and save formulas.

                    • Microphone Blocker & Guard v6.1

                      Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 7,43 MB

                      Micro Guard™ Android ProtectStar™ makes sure that no hacker or spy can listen on you. With just one single click, the integrated microphone of your Android™ device will be completely protected.

                      • PDF Extra - Scan, Edit & Sign v9.9.1806

                        Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 64,97 MB

                        Get all the PDF features you need with a single app to edit, view, annotate, fill, sign, protect, scan to PDF, export to Word/ Excel and organize PDF pages.

                        • Psiphon Pro v370

                          Requirements: Android 4.0+ | File size: 18,67 MB

                          Psiphon Pro gives you unprecedented access to your favourite news broadcast or social media platforms. By its nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you when accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet. Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool for accessing everything on the Internet.

                          • Auto Text - Auto Send Message v4.9.5

                            Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 12,29 MB

                            A total auto message tools to help you send and reply messages automatically in SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

                            • Calendar+ Schedule Planner v1.09.01

                              Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 8,11 MB

                              Calendar+ is an easy to use professional schedule planner that helps manage business events and personal appointments in one app.

                              • Duolingo: language lessons v5.89.2

                                Requirements: Android 7.0+ | File size: 44,76 MB

                                Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more.

                                • WiFi Tools: Network Scanner v2.6 build 90

                                  Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 13,31 MB

                                  WiFi Tools is a powerful network tools for speed up and setup networks. Helps to quickly detecting any computer network problems, ip address detection and boosting network performance. This is a must-have app for every user, IT expert and network administrator.

                                  • SpeedChecker Speed Test v2.6.70

                                    Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 12,40 MB

                                    It is specifically created for mobile devices to ensure accurate and reliable results. Great for gamers and VOIP users to test connections : Users can choose to test the speed to servers located Worldwide. Including UK, USA, EU, Far East and South America. Your results history shows Wi-Fi and mobile/LTE results. Identify the fastest providers in your area using our dynamic results map to compare results in your area.

                                    • Frolomuse: MP3 Music Player v7.2.7-R

                                      Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 16,56 MB

                                      Frolomuse is the best free music player with a powerful equalizer, stylish design and other features that will make listening to music convenient and enjoyable. A huge number of options for viewing and listening to music will make you love this application. Enjoy music with the Frolomuse music player!

                                      • Accupedo Pedometer - Step Counter v9.1.3

                                        Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 9,67 MB

                                        Accupedo is an accurate pedometer app that monitors your daily walking on the home screen. With easy to read charts and history logs, monitor your steps, calories burned, distance, and time. As your best walking buddy, Accupedo will motivate you to walk more! Set up your daily goal and step towards a healthier you with Accupedo pedometer. An intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm is embedded to track only walking patterns by filtering and ejecting out non walking activities. Accupedo counts your steps regardless of where you put your phone like your pocket, waist belt, or bag. Be healthy by setting up your daily goal and accurately monitoring your steps with Accupedo.

                                        • PowerAudio Pro Music Player v10.0.7

                                          Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 8,22 MB

                                          PowerAudio Pro music player brings you the all new music experience. It features an easy to use interface and best in class audio quality. You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists. PowerAudio Pro has a separate tab for all your favorite tracks, you can add songs to your favorites from any tab. PowerAudio Pro supports playlists, you can create you own playlists with the tracks you want. This music player features a powerful equalizer with BassBoost and Virtualizer. You can choose from a variety of music presets or create your custom preset.

                                          • Learn Languages - FunEasyLearn v3.3.7

                                            Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 107,58 MB

                                            Learn English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Russian, or other 28 languages offline with FunEasyLearn. Learn to read, write, speak, a language in a fun & easy way. Discover the biggest language learning courses ever so you can easily learn all the reading rules, all the necessary words and all the useful phrases.