I get pop-ups, is the website infected?

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We don’t cooperate with advertisers having doubtful reputation. All our advertising partners are large and well-established agencies.

Our website is just a huge community of people from different parts of the world who have been with us for more than 10 years. Therefore there is just no sense for us to use malware/adware/viruses/Trojans etc. We will never permit something like this. That’s why we always select advertisers thoroughly.

Then why do I get pop-ups?” You probably ask this question because you use adblock or similar browser extensions. Users who don’t have such software installed are used to 1-2 pop-ups appearing on certain websites. They don’t consider pop-us as something really bad.

You have adblock software but still get pop-ups? Some users who don’t understand how it works starts mailing us saying “you are spreading malware!” or “I got a pop-u or a redirect link in the new window” or “Malwarebytes (or other app) block pop-ups on your website! You have viruses!”. Such questions were also published in our community few times and we have decided to clarify everything.

Dear users, this is neither malware nor virus! These are just pop-up ads shown once per 15 minutes you spend on our website. Please remember that we are a free website. We do not charge money for website use and all the materials available on our website are free. However, the website works on servers we have to pay for. Advertising helps us maintain our website and pay for it.

It’s obvious that we as well as any other advertisers want to deliver advertisement right to the user. Nowadays many advertising companies have found workaround for adblock and similar extensions. That’s how you get that pop-up. It’s just advertisement helping our website exist.

We do not have the right to prohibit use of adblock – that is your choice and use can use this app. But please think a bit about supporting websites you visit regularly.

We’d like to say “thank you” to the users who turned off adblock when visiting our website. Thank you for your help and understanding.

P.S. Registered members don't get popups...