Can I download Files Using Torrents?

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No, there are no any torrent files or torrent related links on the website of SoftArchive. One of many reasons is that downloading by means of HTTP/HTTPS protocol (Direct download) is much safer than by means of torrent networks.

Because (in most countries) downloading is not illegal. Suppose you click a link to direct download an .MP3 files, the ISP knows NOTHING of what's going on. Heck, there could be a background song on the website (HTML5) that loads the MP3 file and plays them. There is nothing illegal about displaying what should be displayed.

Torrents, on the other hand, are evil to ISP's. Where downloading is not illegal, uploading is. Torrents are a share-based protocol (peer 2 peer) in which you upload to others what you downloaded from others. The fact that you redistribute copywrited material puts you at risk.

BT is not BitTorrent, but rather Bittorrent Tracker. Logs are kept, not to put you in danger, that's just the way torrents work... the tracker needs to keep a list of all people who are active on the torrent so they can send that list to people who want to download it. An ISP could acquire the list for like "Windows 8 Leaked Torrent x86!" and check see if any of the IP addresses belong to them, and send them kind letters in exchange. Also, the BT Ports are probably watched... (Direct Download is in HTTP (port 80, like a website), Usenet is in HTTPS (secure download, like banking/paypal) and torrents have their own port... Easily traceable...