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    DMG Canvas 4.0.9 macOS

    File size: 15 MB

    DMG Canvas helps you manage the content and appearance of disk image files using helpful templates. Choose your files, create your background image using helpful controls, and click "Build". Your disk image will appear in Finder exactly as you designed it.

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    iShowU Instant Advanced 1.4.20 macOS

    File size: 44 MB

    Screen recording utility that can capture both video and audio content and streamlines the process by allowing the user to create custom presets. iShowU Instant brings to the table powerful screen recording capabilities that get you started in a matter of minutes.

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    iCompta 6.1.14 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 25 MB

    iCompta is an application that lets you manage your accounts with ease. Keep track of your income and expense, schedule your bills, stay in line with your budget and finally know where all your money goes thanks to beautiful charts.

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    Desktop Stickers 2.73 macOS

    File size: 73 MB

    Your thoughts are the source of your emotions and mood. The conversations you have with yourself can be destructive or beneficial. Most people need to learn how to cultivate positive thoughts and dispel the negative ones.

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    Ghost Buster Pro 3.2.8 macOS

    File size: 6 MB

    Ghost Buster Pro finds and deletes files from apps you've already uninstalled. The app is lightning fast and frees memory in no time.

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    Labels and Databases 1.8.0 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 76 MB

    The Labels and Databases is a label maker and designer software with complex database support. It helps you to create labels, envelopes, and cards using various built-in label formats, and fill them with the information contained in user databases, that is create and print labels by using Mail Merge.

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    Notebooks 3.4.2 macOS

    File size: 19 MB

    Notebooks is the only notebook you ever need. It allows you to create as many books as you need to write, store and structure your details of life, and it will quickly become the one and only repository for all journals, ideas, notes, drafts and diaries but also for your projects, task lists, documents, files and everything else you want to keep close at hand.

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    Author 9.2 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 8 MB

    Augmented Text Word Processor. Greater control of the authorship process with Augmented Citation Copy, Augmented Glossary, Augmented Views, Cuttings & more. When you are ready to share your work as a PDF you get an automatically created Reference section. You can also post to WordPress.

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    Musify 3.7.0 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size:58 MB

    Musify is a best YouTube Music converter, which can download music from up to 1000+ music sharing websites to listen offline without losing audio quality. Such as: YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instragram and more. Easily convert mp3 music files to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and other iOS & Android devices. High-speed and high-quality.

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    Omni Toolbox 1.5.11 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 79 MB

    Omni Toolbox is an extensive collection of tools for creating graphic reports on iPhone hardware, checking iPhone battery, downloading TikTok videos, making ringtones, and fixing general iOS software glitches.

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    SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 macOS

    File size: 62 MB

    SyncBird Pro is an iPhone file manager that makes iOS sync and iTunes cleaning at a glance. Transfer music, playlists, photos, videos, books--everything--between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac without using iTunes. SyncBird's exclusive features named PhoneCare and TunesClean are made to reclaim more free space on your iPhone and iTunes.

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    Fix My iPhone 2.4.19 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 16 MB

    Fix My iPhone is iOS System Recovery tool. Fixes your iPhone Stuck on Apple logo, Black Screen, Frozen Screen, iTunes Update/Restore Errors and more than 20 iOS 15 upgrade failures. This macOS desktop app offers a quick and instant solution to fix your iOS system issues without losing your iOS data, no matter your device is in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on star

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    Omni Recover 3.6.15 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 24 MB

    Recover lost data from iDevices. Omni Recover for macOS lets you retrieve your deleted messages, photos, WhatsApp chats, and much more, no matter what stage you've reached. No Matter The Cause, We've Got You Re-Covered - iPhone data are vulnerable to sudden and casual iOS disasters.

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    Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner 1.0.32 macOS

    File size: 38 MB

    The best iOS crap cleaner to clear useless documents and data on your device. It also protects your privacy and makes your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch faster and safer

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    Boxy SVG 4.32.0 macOS

    File size: 182 MB

    Boxy SVG project goal is to create the best SVG editor for non-technical users as well as for professional designers and developers. SVG is the standard format for storing vector graphics such as icons, banners, charts and illustrations.

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    Sound Grinder Pro 3.4.2 macOS

    File size: 25 MB

    Backed by the power of Sound Grinder, Sound Grinder Pro is the Studio Monkey's secret weapon. Not only does Sound Grinder Pro make quick work of batch processing, but also does nifty tricks like editing waveforms, extracting audio regions and Portion Control™ without leaving the application.

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    Sound Grinder 4.4.2 macOS

    File size: 20 MB

    Sound Grinder™ will make batch processing in macOS your new favorite activity. Feature-rich, flexible, and a heck-of-a good time, Sound Grinder lets you batch process thousands of files at once without losing time or your metadata. A "must-have" Monkey at a "can't-resist" price.

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    Library Monkey Pro 3.4.2 macOS

    File size: 25 MB

    Sleek, powerful, and dominant, Library Monkey Pro is the 800-lb gorilla you need to handle all of your monkey business. A complete librarian and CD ripper with an integrated Sound Grinder Pro

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    Library Monkey 5.4.2 macOS

    File size: 22 MB

    No more sifting through endless files to find the spot you want. Now with iTunes importing, Library Monkey™ can instantly organize and sort your complete library according to your criteria, eliminating hours of sifting, digging and hair-pulling. And just for fun, Library Monkey also features the power of Sound Grinder to convert your files while you're at it.

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    Audio Hijack 4.4.2 macOS

    File size: 33 MB

    If you can hear it, you can record it - Record any application's audio, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and much more. Save audio from hardware devices like microphones and mixers as well. You can even record all the audio heard on your Mac at once! If you can hear it, Audio Hijack can record it.

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