Knoppix Linux v9.1 (CD + DVD)

Knoppix Linux v9.1 (CD + DVD)
File size: 654.13 MiB / 4.33 GiB | Language: English
One of the best and most useful Linux distributions in the world.

Knoppix is a bootable live system for CD, DVD or USB stick, consisting of a large, representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, USB devices and other peripherals. Knoppix can be used, for example, as a productive Linux system for the desktop, as an educational DVD, or as a rescue system for Windows. An installation on hard disk is not necessary, but possible.

Knoppix is one of the best and most popular Linux distributions. This also has its justification. Because Knoppix can be operated similarly as Windows over a graphic user interface with mouse and keyboard and brings besides already software for internet, play, office, media as well as data rescue. So you can quickly edit a picture, watch videos, write letters or surf the internet without having to reinstall the necessary software.

Another new feature is the integrated possibility to create a "Knoppix Mini Edition". This is a version that can be burned onto a CD with 700 MB. This means that it can also be started on an older, weaker computer with little RAM/memory.

Bootable ISO file.

Knoppix is made by Klaus Knopper.

Changes in v9.1: many improvements.
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Instructions for DVD edition: Just extract "" with PeaZip or your preferred file archiver utility.

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