Big Data and Mobility as a Service

Big Data and Mobility as a Service
English | 2021 | ISBN: 0323901697| 308 pages | True PDF EPUB | 119.46 MB

Big Data and Mobility as a Service explores MaaS platforms that can be adaptable to the ever-evolving mobility environment. It looks at multi-mode urban crowd data to assess urban mobility characteristics, their shared transportation potential, and their performance conditions and constraints. The book analyzes the roles of multimodality, travel behavior, urban mobility dynamics and participation. Combined with insights on using big data to analyze market and policy decisions, this book is an essential tool for urban transportation management researchers and practitioners.

Summarizes current fundamental MaaS technologies
Shows how to utilize anonymous big data for transportation analysis and problem-solving
Illustrates, with data-enabled shared transportation service examples from different countries, the similarities and differences within a global urban mobility framework

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