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  • byislamayman2010

    FastFlix 5.7.1

    File Size : 40 Mb

    FastFlix is a simple and friendly GUI for encoding videos. FastFlix keeps HDR10 metadata for x265, NVEncC HEVC, and VCEEncC HEVC, which will also be expanded to AV1 libraries when available. It needs FFmpeg (version 4.3 or greater) under the hood for the heavy lifting, and can work with a variety of encoders.

  • byislamayman2010

    Xreveal 2.6.6 Multilingual

    File Size : 5.6 Mb

    Xreveal is a application similar to AnyDVD. It is a research project and has an interoperability purpose.Xreveal DOES NOT contains any decryption key, it is based on the official public AACS specification only. You need decryption keys or key database to make it works.

  • byislamayman2010

    BD Rebuilder 0.62.01

    File Size : 148.6 Mb

    BD Rebuilder is a comprehensive software tool made to back up DVD and Blu-Ray movies, and compress the backups while attempting to preserve the original video quality. It supports DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25 and custom-sized discs, and requires FFDShow and Avisynth to work properly.

  • byislamayman2010

    Stellarium 24.2 (x64)

    File Size : 389 Mb

    Stellarium is a comprehensive utility that helps users explore planets and constellations in a 3D environment. This open-source planetarium gives you details about celestial objects, simulates solar and lunar eclipses, and displays Messier objects and the Milky Way.

  • byislamayman2010

    CrystalDiskInfo 9.3.2 Multilingual

    File Size : 5.6 Mb

    CrystalDiskInfo - is a small utility to monitor the status of hard drives, monitors the status of hard drives that support SMART technology Monitors and provides an overall assessment of "health" of your drive. Also displays detailed information about the hard drives installed in your computer (flash, serial number, a standard interface, the total time, etc.), and also displays the attributes of the parameters of SMART self-test (read errors, performance, start / stop spindle, seek time, the number of on-off cycles, errors and many other sectors).

  • byislamayman2010


    File Size : 176 Mb

    ACE Stream Media is a comprehensive solution including several basic ACE Stream products (configuration can be changed and extended with other client and service products). ACE Stream is an innovative multimedia platform of a new generation, which includes different products and solutions for ordinary Internet users as well as for professional members of the multimedia market. ACE Stream uses in its core, P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, BitTorrent protocol, but it is more than just BitTorrent client for file exchange via P2P-networks, as it also provides AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand), Live Stream (live broadcast), localization of foreign BitTorrent traffic, decentralized social networks, and IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top).

  • byislamayman2010

    HandBrake 1.8.1

    File Size : 22.4 Mb

    Video converter. HandBrake is a tool for converting videos from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.

  • byislamayman2010

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema 2.3.1 Multilingual

    File Size : 32.1 Mb

    MPC HomeCinema is comfortable in all plans for the media player. It was built on the basis of a classical player Media Player Classic and one of the best collections of media codecs ffdshow, and thus can play many formats of video and audio files without installing external codecs. This player has a large number of different functionalities: it can play DVD disks, the hardware is able to decode H.264 format popular on the latest generation graphics cards, knows how to work correctly with the second monitor (TV), supports the various type of subtitles can work with QuickTime and RealVideo formats etc.
    The player is small and completely understandable, and not overloaded functions redundant interface translated into 14 languages.

  • byislamayman2010

    grepWin 2.1.2

    File Size : 2.4 Mb

    grepWin is a text search and replace tool that lets you search for a specific string in your files and replaces it with another. You can search for a regular text match or use advanced RegEx syntax to search for complex text patterns that are similar but not identical. The search can be limited by file name and size, and also choose to scan entire folders with optional sub-folders.

  • byislamayman2010

    Double Commander 1.1.16

    File Size : 18 Mb

    Double Commander is an Open Source file manager with two panels side by side. The idea is based on Total Commander but with new and different features.Double Commander has a multi-rename tool, tabbed interface, custom columns, internal text editor, built-in file viewer, archive (ZIP, RAR) support, extended search function, configurable button bar, file operations logging, plug-in support, and much more

  • byislamayman2010

    CopyQ 9.0.0 Multilingual

    File Size : 16.8 Mb

    CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more.

  • byislamayman2010

    Winpilot (BloatyNosy) 2024.6.21

    File Size : 1 Mb

    This debloater for Windows 11 can help clean up your machine and disable the redundant features of Microsoft's new OS, while also featuring some additional tools for convenience.

  • byislamayman2010

    Intel Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack 29.1.2

    File Size : 795 Mb

    Intel Ethernet Connections CD contains all of the Intel Ethernet network drivers and software for currently supported versions of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.Anyone who repairs computers can make use of this on a thumb drive to quickly update any Intel network card.

  • byislamayman2010

    WinScan2PDF 8.88 Multilingual

    File Size : 0.2 Mb

    WinScan2PDF is a very small and portable program that allows you to scan documents and save them on your computer as a PDF by using any installed scanner.

  • byislamayman2010

    FanControl v194

    File Size : 7.6 Mb

    Keep every aspect of your computer's GPU and CPU fans in check with the help of this highly-customizable fan control application.

  • byislamayman2010

    Memory List Manager 2.0.2

    File Size : 5.5 Mb

    Memory List Manager is a small, lightweight utility to clear standby memory and flush caches, without needing to load a full heavyweight system resources app like SystemInformer, the code for which this project is based on. Windows keeps memory contents it thinks you might use again soon loaded and marked as standby, theoretically this memory is 'available' but memory management isn't always perfect, and high persistent standby and especially modified memory can cause reduced system performance, certain issues with some memory intensive apps or even lead to spurious out of memory errors and system destabilization.

  • byislamayman2010

    Multi Commander 14.0 Build 3016 Multilingual

    File Size : 18.5 Mb

    Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout. Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient. It has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. But Multi Commanders big strength is the special features that allow you to do advanced task with ease. Like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, registry and FTP, Search for file, View files and pictures and the Scripting support let you automate many task. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard using shortcut so you can work fast and efficient.

  • byislamayman2010

    Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.413.419

    File Size : 314 Mb

    Microsoft Safety Scanner is a scan tool designed to find and remove malware from Windows computers. Simply download it and run a scan to find malware and try to reverse changes made by identified threats.

  • byislamayman2010

    Process Monitor v4.0

    File Size : 2.8 Mb

    Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of two legacy Sysinternals utilities, Filemon and Regmon, and adds an extensive list of enhancements including rich and non-destructive filtering, comprehensive event properties such session IDs and user names, reliable process information, full thread stacks with integrated symbol support for each operation, simultaneous logging to a file, and much more. Its uniquely powerful features will make Process Monitor a core utility in your system troubleshooting and malware hunting toolkit.

  • byislamayman2010

    Sysinternals Suite 2024.06.17

    File Size : 50.4 Mb

    Sysinternals Suite - A suite of technical tools to configure, optimize, test, detect and correct errors in the operating systems Windows.Spektr application of this package is quite wide, because the utility of his cover many areas of the operating system. For example, the utility controls the Autoruns Startup, Process Monitor provides monitoring of all operations that take place in the file system, and the utility PageDefrag performs optimization and defragment your registry.

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