Southern Sinfonia, London Piano Trio, Simon Chalk - Pavlea: The Shape of Freedom (2022)

Southern Sinfonia, London Piano Trio, Simon Chalk - Pavlea: The Shape of Freedom (2022)

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FLAC (tracks), Lossless | 1:08:47 | 306 Mb
Classical, Instrumental

“Elena Pavlea’s style has instant impact and possesses an unmistakable Hellenic character that both sings and dances concurrently. She blends the ‘epic’ with the ‘intimate’ in a seamless thread and the programmatic titles to her works evoke a clear connection with Greek antiquity.” (George Richford, Producer) Elena Pavlea’s music has been characterized by music critics to belong to the Neo-romantic and Minimalistic styles of the 21st century music genres. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, she became aware of the world of classical music…while listening for the first time a piano trio performing in the lobby of a hotel. ‘’I clearly remember that moment since for the first time in my life; I felt the intensity of musical expression’’ she says. She never abandoned learning music throughout her childhood and adolescent years, and early in life she decided to study music in a professional level. Academically she received her Piano Soloist Diploma, Bachelor of Arts and her Postgraduate Diploma in Piano Performance from Greek and English Universities and during her stay in London and Athens-Greece, she always worked as a Pianist, Composer and Piano Teacher. She participated in master-classes of Professors of the Guildhall school of Music and Drama and of the Royal Academy of Music. She also studied Philosophy and Music Aesthetics.
01. Narrow Streets (2021 Orchestral Version)
02. Karpon spondi
03. Realization
04. Means of Escape (From "Rainy Days")[2021 Orchestral Version]
05. The Offering
06. Thalia (2021 Orchestral Version)
07. The Quest
08. Winged Victory of Samothrace
09. The Shape of Freedom
10. Blue-Sky Reverie: I. Ingenious Lights
11. Blue-Sky Reverie: II. Whispering Clouds
12. Blue-Sky Reverie: III. Diligent Rain
13. Euterpe (Giver of Delight)[2021 Orchestral Version]
14. Tears of a Firebird
15. Rainy Days (From "Rainy Days")[2021 Orchestral Version]
16. Inspiration
17. Ourania (2021 Orchestral Version)

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