Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild: Includes History, Costumes, and Conventions [Audiobook]

Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild: Includes History, Costumes, and ConventionsAudiobook

English | ASIN: B0CKGLRBYM | October 17, 2023 | 9 hrs and 27 mins | MP3@64 kbps | 260 MB
By: Joe Strike
Narrated by: Kevin T. Collins

Furs are the creative subculture of people who identify with animals. You can find them at furry conventions, furfests, around the world-tens of thousands of people donning their most elaborate fursuit. In costume, at conventions, with friends or alone, furries unleash the animal within, letting their inner beasts roar and their inner cats purr, aware of the power—and joy—to be found in bringing forward one's animal side and encouraging others to do the same.

In Furry Planet, long-time furry Joe Strike dives deep into this compelling subculture to share its appeal. Strike and a wealth of interviewees trace the history of the subculture and its various iterations today, in the process covering conventions, media, art, storytelling, community resources, costume creation, and advice for newcomers, and addressing stigmas and misconceptions head on.

Furry Planet is sure to inform and delight the furry fandom and anyone who has ever been curious. Inside you'll find

- Insight into the natural human impulse to anthropomorphize animals

- A fascinating history of furry fandom

- A detailed look at furcons around the world

- Inspiration for fursuit costume creation

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