How can I become an Uploader?

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All users registered since July, 2, 2014 can get the status of an uploader only via invites. The reasons for such restriction is a great amount of fake posts. You can ask for an invite on the page - "Create blog" (you must be registered on SoftArchive). When requesting an invite please describe in details what posts you are going to publish on the site, to what categories, it will be good if you show any examples of your real posts from third party sites.

If you have any friends who have the status of Verified Uploader at SoftArchive, ask them to send you an invite. Such users have a right to send invite codes for newcomers so the last ones could start their own blogs with posts.

Keep in mind that SoftArchive as well as any of our Verified Uploaders can reject your requests for an invite, it is our right.

First and foremost, SoftArchive – is a community of people and for people, where only quality content and loyal relationships between users are accepted. We do not chase “quick” money and copying every single post available in the Internet. Every post is checked and moderated manually before uploading it to the website of SoftArchive community.