Handbook of Forensic Photography (EPUB)

Handbook of Forensic Photography (EPUB)

English | June 21, 2022 | ISBN: 0367498936 | True EPUB | 706 pages | 109 MB
Editor: Sanford L. Weiss

Handbook of Forensic Photography is the most-comprehensive, definitive reference for the use of photography in the capture and presentation of forensic evidence. The intent is to inform the reader about the most complete and up-to-date methods to capture and reproduce images that most accurately represent the evidence.

With the rise in importance of forensic science, crime and accident scene documentation has likewise increased in importance―not the least of which has been forensic photography. The need to use accepted practice and protocols to guarantee the authenticity of images for evidence documentation is paramount for using it in court. And as with any discipline, there is an art to the science of forensic photography.

Contributing authors from various backgrounds―each experts in their field―have provided numerous case examples, best practices, and recommendations for recognizing, recording, and preserving evidence using cameras and the latest digital image technology, including video and other imaging technologies. Chapters present such topics as videography, drone photography, underwater photography, crime scene photography, autopsy photographs, fire documentation, forensic odontology, and more. The book closes with coverage of courtroom displays, presenting imaging evidence and expert witness testimony in the courtroom.

Handbook of Forensic Photography is a must-have reference for experienced crime scene photographers, death and crime scene investigators, police, and forensic professionals―including medical examiners, odontologists, engineers, and forensic anthropologists―who frequently need to capture investigative photographs in the course of investigations.

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