Network Science with Python: Explore the networks around us using network science, social network analysis, and machine learning

Network Science with Python: Explore the networks around us using network science, social network analysis, and machine learning

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1801073694 | 414 pages | True PDF EPUB | 41.62 MB

Discover the use of graph networks to develop a new approach to data science using theoretical and practical methods with this expert guide using Python, printed in color
Key Features

Create networks using data points and information
Learn to visualize and analyze networks to better understand communities
Explore the use of network data in both - supervised and unsupervised machine learning projects
Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

Network analysis is often taught with tiny or toy data sets, leaving you with a limited scope of learning and practical usage. Network Science with Python helps you extract relevant data, draw conclusions and build networks using industry-standard – practical data sets. You’ll begin by learning the basics of natural language processing, network science, and social network analysis, then move on to programmatically building and analyzing networks. You’ll get a hands-on understanding of the data source, data extraction, interaction with it, and drawing insights from it. This is a hands-on book with theory grounding, specific technical, and mathematical details for future reference. As you progress, you’ll learn to construct and clean networks, conduct network analysis, egocentric network analysis, community detection, and use network data with machine learning. You’ll also explore network analysis concepts, from basics to an advanced level.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to identify network data and use it to extract unconventional insights to comprehend the complex world around you.
What you will learn

Explore NLP, network science, and social network analysis
Apply the tech stack used for NLP, network science, and analysis
Extract insights from NLP and network data
Generate personalized NLP and network projects
Authenticate and scrape tweets, connections, the web, and data streams
Discover the use of network data in machine learning projects

Who this book is for

Network Science with Python demonstrates how programming and social science can be combined to find new insights. Data scientists, NLP engineers, software engineers, social scientists, and data science students will find this book useful. An intermediate level of Python programming is a prerequisite. Readers from both – social science and programming backgrounds will find a new perspective and add a feather to their hat.
Table of Contents

Introducing Natural Language Processing
Network Analysis
Useful Python Libraries
NLP and Network Synergy
Even Easier Scraping
Graph Construction and Cleaning
Whole Network Analysis
Egocentric Network Analysis
Community Detection
Supervised Machine Learning on Network Data
Unsupervised Machine Learning on Network Data

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