RetroPie 4.4.9 [Raspberry Pi] + >1000 games Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast, PS1, PSP, Arcade, ScummVM, Spectrum

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RetroPie 4.4.9Raspberry Pi + >1000 games Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast, PS1, PSP, Arcade, ScummVM, Spectrum

Developer : The RetroPie Project
Language: Multilanguage
Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast, PS1, PSP, Arcade, ScummVM, Spectrum
Size File: 57.05 GB

RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming console. The whole system is based on the Retroarch port, based on the libretro library, which allows using emulators of various consoles (Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation, as well as ScummVM, ZXspectrum and many others) through a common API. GUI - Emulationstation is responsible for the interface and usability.

Games Translated Into Russian (129 Games)
Nintendo Entertainment System Aka Dendy (252 games)[LR-FCEUMM, LR-Nestopia]
Famicom Disk System (25 games)[LR-Nestopia]
Sega Megadrive / Genesis (222 games)[LR-GENESIS-PLUS-GX]
SEGA 32X (10 games)[LR-Picodrive]
Sega CD (12 Games)[LR-Picodrive]
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (255 games)[LR-SNES9X2005, LR-SNES9X2010]
Nintendo 64 (7 games)[LR-MUPEN64PLUS]
Dreamcast (19 games)[Reicast]
Sony PlayStation 1 (33 games)[LR-PCSX-REARMED]
PlayStation Portable (13 games)[LR-PPSSPP]
FinalBurn Alpha[Arcade Machine Emulator] (314 Games)[LR-FBALPHA]
MAME[Arcade Machine Emulator] (27 Games)[LR-MAME2003, LR-MAME2010]
ZX Spectrum (100 games)[LR-FUSE]
SCUMMVM (3 games)[scummvm]

Note: You can see list games from Listgame

Guide Install:

Version : 4.4.9
Developer : The RetroPie Project
System requirements : Raspberry Pi 3B + , microSD at least 64 GB for full installation
Interface language : English


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