Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello KONTAKT

Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello KONTAKT

File Size: 4.92 GB

We love organic textures and adore advanced techniques: that's why we created Poiesis Cello. Poiesis Cello lets you instantly create beautiful (or ugly!) Soundscapes that inspire new music from the first touch of your keyboard.

The Poiesis cello was recorded in a dry studio with three high-end microphones positioned relatively close to the instrument to provide an intimate sound that you can shape however you want.
Poiesis Cello uses two different patches
Textures - a two-layer tool that allows you to select any of the 43 enabled articulations for each layer and switch freely between them using the mod wheel (midi CC # 1).
Shorts is an optional patch that includes 3 velocity sensitive short articulations sampled with 5 round robins and 3 dynamic layers (+ snap pizz. On pizzicato articulations.


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