Sex on the Menu: Sex Therapy in Recipes

Sex on the Menu: Sex Therapy in Recipes
English | 2021 | ASIN: B09DT34M7F | 71 pages | EPUB, AZW, PDF | 37 MB

Is sex still taboo? We had come so far from the olden days that even jokes about coitus before marriage were grounds for eternal damnation. Fortunately, sex is now seen under a different light—under many different lights rather: it can be beautiful, passionate, fun, adventurous, it can even be theatrical!
This book will be with you once you need a wingman for an aphrodisiac when you need a drink because a position didn’t quite work as advertised, and now you have a headache, it’ll even be with you when you need some space figuring out your sexuality from inside the closet. Pun intended.

All of the sex therapists in the world have united to make this recipe book for your much-needed sexual therapy or maybe your sexual awakening. Every recipe here is guaranteed to be easy, yummy, sexy, and most even fall under 30 minutes! What are you still standing around for? We just told you sex is on the menu!

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