Andy's Toy Trunk: Toy-Approved Kid-Friendly Recipes

Andy's Toy Trunk: Toy-Approved Kid-Friendly Recipes
English | 2021 | ASIN: B09G31SHNX| 74 pages | EPUB, AZW, PDF | 47 MB

Welcome to Andy’s toy trunk! We’re not toys ourselves but we’re this trunk’s official chefs, which means we approve all toy and kid-friendly meals and treats in the house. What does that mean? You’re in for the most delicious things ever! We’ve got milkshakes, waffles, chicken tenders, fries, pancakes, chocolate cake, etc. It’s every toy and child’s dream! Best of all, there are no weird Stevia or “healthy” ingredients because these foods are for children, so hop in and don’t forget to close the trunk on your way in! We’ve got lots to cook!

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