Monsoon - Third Eye (1983/2022)

Monsoon - Third Eye (1983/2022)

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Pop | Label: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

Where Indipop began and still one of the great experiments in East-West pop culture. The heart of the group was vocalist Sheila Chandra and the underrated men-in-the-shadows Steve Coe and Martin Smith on whatever instrument came to hand. Other musicians contributed color parts, including Paul James who found fame and glory with the European folk-dance ensembles Blowzabella and Scarp. Best known for their singles "Ever So Lonely" and "Shakti" Monsoon was a signpost to new space and the launch pad of its three major players. An important album, it had its flaws but it was the first in its field.

1. Monsoon - Wings Of The Dawn (Prem Kavita)
2. Monsoon - Tomorrow Never Knows
3. Monsoon - Third Eye And Tikka T.V.
4. Monsoon - Eyes
5. Monsoon - Shakti (The Meaning Of Within)
6. Monsoon - Ever So Lonely (Extended Version)
7. Monsoon - You Can't Take Me With You
8. Monsoon - And I You
9. Monsoon - Kashmir
10. Monsoon - Watchers Of The Night
11. Monsoon - Indian Princess
12. Monsoon - Sunset Over The Ganges
13. Monsoon - Ever So Lonely (Hindi Version)
14. Monsoon - Wings Of Dawn (Prem Kavita) (Hindi Version)
15. Monsoon - Ever So Lonely (Remix)
16. Monsoon - Ever So Lonely (Instrumental Remix)

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