High-Performance Web Apps with FastAPI: The Asynchronous Web Framework Based on Modern Python

High-Performance Web Apps with FastAPI: The Asynchronous Web Framework Based on Modern Python

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1484291778 | 321 pages | PDF,EPUB | 12.8 MB

Build APIs and web apps based on Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface (ASGI). This book provides a comprehensive explanation of using Pydantic models to construct the request/response objects in a FASTAPI path operation.

You’ll start by reviewing type hints in Python and the asynchronous processing concepts. One of the highlights of FastAPI is its auto generation of API docs. Pydantic library is the main pillar on top of which FastAPI is built. You’ll see that ASGI has a far better performance compared to most of the other popular Python frameworks as they implement Web server Gateway Interface (WSGI), which is synchronous in nature and hence having slower response time.

This book thoroughly explains how FastAPI interacts asynchronously with relational as well as NOSQL databases. Modern web apps use template engines to interact with the front-end. In this book, you will learn to use jinja2 templates and static assets. Swagger UI and OpenAPI standards are also covered in detail. Finally, different options of deployment of FastAPI app have been explored in this book.

This book uses practical examples to empower you to build high performance APIs

What You'll Learn
Develop robust and high-performance web apps
Deploy the FastAPI app for public availability using cloud services such as Deta and Docker container
Understand the important building blocks of a web app such as form handling, templating and database interaction

Who This Book Is For
Aspiring and the experienced Python developers looking to leverage the flexibility of Python and the powerful features introduced in Modern Python. Computer science Engineering students at graduate and postgraduate level will also benefit immensely from the practical approach adapted in the book.

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