Cybernation. The Format of Freedom

Cybernation. The Format of Freedom

English | 2024 | ISBN: 9798224153329 | 113 pages | EPUB | 43.27 MB

The proposed conceptual book by German journalist, futurist, and researcher Franz Joseph Schmidt is of interest to the digital community and all those intrigued by the future, formats of digital transformation, and the possibilities and consequences of influencing ongoing processes.
The book holds practical significance, as it is based on examples of civil initiatives by European non-governmental organizations aimed at peaceful transformation of humanity into the digital era. According to the author, the driving force of the digital transition is the advanced community of digital creators, who are capable of playing a positive and influential role in the development of digital democracy and in the global processes of human civilisation.

90% of the received honorarium is transferred as sponsorship assistance to the public non-profit institution Futurum Platform, by the author's instruction.

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