Big Data and Hadoop: Learn by example 1st Edition

Big Data and Hadoop: Learn by example 1st Edition
English | 2019 | ISBN: 9789386551993 | 721 pages | PDF,EPUB | 17.07 MB

A Practical Guide to learn HIVE, PIG, SQOOP

Key Features
● Overview Of Big Data
● Basics of Hadoop
● Hadoop Distributed File System
● HBase, MapReduce
● HIVE: The Data-ware House Of Hadoop
● PIG: The Higher Level Programming Environment
● SQOOP: Importing Data From Heterogeneous Sources
● Flume, Ozzie, Zookeeper & Big Data Stream Mining.

The book contains the latest trend in IT industry ‘Big Data and Hadoop’. It explain about how big is ‘Big Data’ and why everybody is trying to implement this into their IT project.
It includes research work of various topics, theoretical and practical approach, each component of the architecture is described along with current industry trends.
Big Data and Hadoop taken together are a new skill as per the industry standards. Readers will get a compact book along with the industry experience, and would be a reference to help readers.

What will you learn
● Big Data, No SQL Data Management
● Basics of Hadoop, its Installation
● MapReduce Applications
● Hadoop Related Tools

Who this book is for
This book promises to be a very good starting point for beginners and an asset to advanced users too. Difficult concepts of Big Data-Hadoop is given in an easy and practical way, so that students can able to understand it in an efficient manner.

Table of Contents
1. Big Data- Introduction and Demand
2. No SQL Data Management
3. Basics of Hadoop
4. Hadoop Installation (Step-by-Step)
5. MapReduce Applications
6. Hadoop Related Tools-I (Hbase & Cassandra)
7. Hadoop Related Tools -II (PigLatin & HiveQL)
8. Practical & Research based Topics
9. Appendix: Hadoop Commands
10. Chapter wise Questions
11. Previous Year Question Paper

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