Java Unit Testing Mastery with JUnit 5: A practical approach to mastering Java unit testing concepts

Java Unit Testing Mastery with JUnit 5: A practical approach to mastering Java unit testing concepts

English | April 23, 2024 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0D2K7MDTN | 122 pages | EPUB | 1.51 Mb

Transform the way you develop Java applications by embracing the power of unit testing. "Java Unit Testing Mastery with JUnit 5" guides you through a comprehensive journey, empowering you to write effective, maintainable, and insightful tests that will elevate your software development process.
What You'll Learn
Core Fundamentals: Understand the principles of unit testing, when to test, and how to design tests for clarity.
JUnit 5 Expertise: Master the ins and outs of JUnit 5, harnessing its features to write elegant and expressive tests.
Test-Driven Development (TDD): Learn to use TDD to drive better code design and gain confidence in refactoring.
Beyond Basic Assertions: Handle exceptions, test complex scenarios, and structure your tests for maintainability.
Mocking Techniques: Decouple your code from its dependencies, allowing for focused testing in isolation.
Advanced Concepts: Delve into parameterized testing, test performance evaluation, assumptions, and more.
Tool Integration: Seamlessly integrate JUnit 5 with Maven and Gradle to streamline your build processes.
CI/CD Practices: Automate your testing within Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery for rapid feedback and quality assurance.
This book delivers
Step-by-Step Guidance: Start from the basics and gradually progress to advanced techniques.
Real-World Examples: Understand concepts through practical code scenarios that you can apply directly to your projects.
Best Practice Emphasis: Avoid common pitfalls and ensure your test suite remains a valuable asset long-term.

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