Pegasun System Utilities 8.3 Multilingual

Pegasun System Utilities 8.3 Multilingual

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System Utilities provides over 28 tools to speed up, clean, secure, and maintain your PC.

All your PC problems, solved in a click.
All-in-one software designed to make your PC/Laptop run brand new again.
Maximize the life, performance, and battery of your PC/Laptop.
Speed up, clean, secure, and repair your PC problems with just 1 click.
Countless 5-star positive reviews from all over the Internet.
Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Server 2012+

What's Included?

Maximum PC Performance
1-Click PC maintenance. It's equipped with all the premium tools you need to make your PC perform like its brand new. Click on the title to learn more.

PC Cleaner
PC Cleaner will clean your PC so well, you'll have space for 3,000 more HD pictures. It also protects your privacy by removing tracking items.

Startup & Service Manager
Disables unneeded startup programs and services so your computer loads faster. Not sure which ones are unneeded? No problem! We automatically detect them for you.

Windows 10 Optimizer
Scans all possible Windows 10 optimizations in 8 different categories and over 340 settings for faster performance and better privacy protection.

Backup Manager
Keeps your precious files safe and secure, so you don't lose them on a mayday. Set up a schedule, and you'll never have to worry about backing them up again manually.

Over 28+ Utilities
The software that does it all. System Utilities provides more than 28+ reliable tools designed to help you with any PC maintenance needs.


Optimizations you never thought possible
Bring your PC back to life. System Utilities is precisely built for maximum optimizations. Compare with other optimization software and experience how System Utilities makes your PC function much faster.

Several Utilities on one simple interface
System Utilities provides more than 28 tools to meet almost every PC need. Whether you need to clean your disk, back up important files, or even tweak your PC, it's all available in a straightforward interface.

Countless 5-star reviews
You're in good hands. System Utilities has received countless 5-star positive media reviews from all over the internet for creating software that just works. Head over to our reviews section to learn more.

Protects Your Privacy
Keeps your privacy safe by blocking sharing data to third-party services, such as ad network, tracking cookies, data collection. It also cleans your sensitive information, so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Threats/Spyware Protection
The moment you decide to browse the internet without any security is the moment your PC will become infected with spyware and various other types of threats but don't worry; we'll keep you safe from those as well.

Boost system and gaming performance
Increases your FPS by Boosting your system, internet, and RAM performance by automatically tuning your settings to the most optimized values. Now you can go ahead and enjoy your high-performance games.

You'll never notice it running
Don't get nagged constantly with popups. Many similar programs out there not only nag you with annoying popups and ads, but they also use up vast amounts of background resources. Our programs are very resource-friendly and nag-free.

Defragment your hard drives
Reorganizes file blocks on your PC's hard drives to optimize files to help your PC perform tasks faster. Oh, and don't worry, we're leaving the SSD (which isn't fragmented) alone.

Turbo Mode gives you maximum performance
Turbo Mode dramatically increases your PC's speed by temporarily suspending unnecessary services, processes, and managing power plans for high performance.

Customize to your preference
System Utilities is highly customizable. Choose from multiple designed themes or create your own! Easily choose your desired settings to desired colors.

What's New
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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